Fal River Cottage  (in Malpas) is ideal for those planning a walking holiday in Cornwall.

The walk from Malpas to Truro is a great walk for a sunny day. You don’t need to walk on the road long as there is a path that drops down below the road once you leave Malpas.

Trennick Mill represents the half way point of the walk and is a good place to stop for refreshments.

Boscawen Park is across the road from Trennick Mill and has some lovely flower beds. The park has an awesome play ground which makes it an ideal destination in it’s own right for couples with children.

Orientation / Practical Information

To start the walk, Just turn right as you exit Fal River Cottage and walk along the road (past the pub). The foot path itself starts once you leave Malpas village (See pics below).

When returning from Truro, you have the option of catching a bus – See the Timetable


Malpas to Truro

We hope you enjoy this virtual walk from Malpas to Truro.


Click the right arrow button to start your tour.

Sign on the road showing the boundary of Malpas village

Leaving the village

Looking back along the road as we head out of the village

Steps leading down to the river

Stepping down

Take these steps down towards the river – just after you pass the Malpas sign.

Fallen tree by the side of the path

Crazy trees

The path takes you through a wooded area. Watch your footing!

Tree branches hanging down in the river

Thirsty Trees

Well I guess we all need a drink!

Steps leading down to sunny corner

Steps to sunny corner

These steps mark the end of the woodland walk and the entrance to sunny corner

Malpas to Truro walk - Sunny Corner

Sunny Corner

Your about half way to Truro at this stage. Why not take a seat and enjoy the setting

Boats moored up at Sunny Corner


Time to enjoy a nice flat path!

Malpas to Truro walk - Passing the cricket ground

Truro Cricket Club

Watch out for the cricket balls as you get closer to Truro

Pond with a seat in the foreground

Boscawen Park

The park is a great space for you and old alike

Malpas to Truro walk - Gardens and Childrens Playground

Formal Gardens

This is usually a great spot for getting an ice cream

Malpas to Truro walk - Passing the Old Bakery on the outskirts of Truro

Entering Truro

As we enter Truro, we start to find lots of temptation

View along the river in Truro towards the cathedral


Truro iteself is a lovely little town with lots of quirky shops, cafes, antique shops and of course the cathedral which dominates the skyline